Feb 21

Tips for Using A Pool Pump

Keeping the pool clean and safe is the most important task of every owner. For me, as a hotel owner, a clean and safe pool means more guests that are happy and higher profits. For home owners, it means enjoyable relaxation and lots of fun for the whole family. The major unit of the pool plumbing system is the pool pump. You should know how to handle each and every aspect related to it – from the purchase the pool pump to it’s ongoing maintenance. I decided to compile this guide to help you with the whole process.

Pool Pump Purchase

Tips for Using A Pool PumpIt is a good idea to define your pool filtering requirements, to do the necessary calculations and to base your choice of a pump on these. Select the motor power and flow rate based on your individual needs and requirements. It is recommended that you choose a model that has a functional and reliable control system that can be easily adjusted to your needs. Computerized pumps are excellent choices. It is best if the device has variable speed. This allows for effective energy saving.

Look for systems that will make the use of the device easier. An internal air flow system will reduce the noise produced by the equipment considerably. A built-in system for shutting the pump off in case of overheating, freezing and voltage irregularities will extend the life the device allowing you to use it for longer. A system for shutting the pump off in case of a drain blockage will also save you a lot of trouble and money.

Pool Pump Installation

All models come with detailed installation instructions in their manuals. However, I highly recommend using the services of a professional for installing the device. Even if you are tech savvy, you may not be well familiar with the specifics of pool systems. The use of professional services will guarantee that the installation will be flawless and that the system will operate optimally. In addition, the entire process will be quicker. Another major benefit is that you will be able to make the most out of the manufacturer warranty in case something happens to the device.

Pool Pump Use

Before you start the device, you need to ensure that all wiring is in place and that the piece of equipment is connected to the electric grid. You must never run the pump dry. Otherwise, it will not be able to create a vacuum to filter the water from the pool. The manufacturer of the product which you have purchased should provide instructions on how to ensure that the pump is filled with water in the user manual.

How long do you run the pool pump for each day? In order to find the answer to this question, you need to calculate the turnover rate. This is the time needed for the device to run all of the water in the swimming pool through the filter. In order to find the number, you must divide your pool’s volume in gallons by its flow rate, which is measured in gallons per minute. The product shows you how many minutes you need to run the pump for. Divide it by 60 to get the number of hours the device needs to run per day.

Some experts recommend running the pool pump to complete two turnover cycles. Basically, you have to run it twice for the respective number of hours. This is advisable especially when the pool is heavily used during the summer, when you have added chemicals to the water and when there is a greater chance of debris falling into the water, for instance during early fall. Some people choose to turn the pump three times, but this is certainly not necessary unless the pool water is very dirty.

If you have a computerized pool pump, you will be able to select from different working modes and speeds. Use these options to ensure that the optimal flow rate is used for each kind of activity – filtering, cleaning, and heating and so on. If you have the option of saving the data for achieving maximum energy efficiency every time you use the device, you should do so.

Pool Pump Cleaning and Maintenance

Your device should need only basic cleaning to work properly. You need to keep a track on the strainer basket connected to the pump. You need to clean the basket from leaves and other debris on a regular basis to ensure that the device will work properly. It is important to clean the opening leading to the basket too.

It is a good idea to inspect the motor of the pump on a regular basis. Disconnect the device from the electric grid and check to see whether the louvered openings are free from debris and dirt. If they are not, you should provide proper cleaning as per the instructions of your manufacturer.

Maintaining your pool pump should not be hard. In order to winterize it, you need to drain it thoroughly and cover it well to protect it from freezing.

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