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Problems Solved by Pool Pump

A swimming pool cannot go without a pool pump. This is applicable not only to hotel pools like the ones that I own and run, but also to all kinds of commercial and home pools. In this article, I will explain the great importance of installing such a device. I will put the emphasis on the problems solved by the pool pump. To me, pumps are invaluable as they give the best pool experience to the guests of my hotels. I’m sure that such a device will be invaluable to you too.

Pool Cleanliness Problems

Problems Solved by Pool PumpThe main function of the pool pump is to circulate the water in the swimming pool by sucking it in and then forcing it back into the tank.

What are the benefits of this simple action? Firstly, when the water is circulated, this prevents the growth of algae, organisms which stick to the walls and floors of the pool and give unpleasant greenish color to the water. These are generally not dangerous, but can cause unpleasant sensations in bathers and swimmers and make the pool look very ugly.

When the water is circulated by the pool pump, it is aerated as well. With enough air present in the water, the risk of formation of various kinds of bacteria is lowered considerably. You have certainly seen ponds with still water which is murky and cloudy. It attracts mosquitoes and other kinds of unpleasant insects. If you do not want your pool to be like a pond, you need to install a reliable pump.

The circulation of the water allows for even distribution of all the chemicals used for keeping it clean and safe for the users of the pool. When the chemicals are evenly dispersed, the water is perfectly clean and the growth of all kinds of microorganisms, including pathogenic ones, is prevented or stopped.

The pool pump is always connected to a filtering system. This solves a bunch of other cleanliness problems. The purpose of the filter is to capture tiny debris particles and different kinds of microorganisms which can pollute the water. The pump forces water through the filter and returns the filtered water into the tank. Larger debris such a leaves and twigs are collected into a basket attached to the pump. The strainer basket is usually sold together with the pump.

The filtering system operated by the pool pump removes dirt and dust particles, pollen, leaves, twigs and bird droppings that accidently fall in the pool. Various kinds of microorganisms are filtered as well. These problems are solved for as long as the pump and the filter operate. You never have to worry about unpleasant look, odor and health risks provided that the pumping and filtering system is kept in good condition and operates optimally.

Possible Health Problems

I do not mean to scare you in any way, but it is important for you to be aware of the possible health problems which can occur when a pool pump, filtering system and appropriate chemicals are not used for keeping the water clean and safe for users.

Water which does not circulate can become a breeding ground for viruses, bacteria and fungi. When these are in contact with the human body, they can cause skin, eye and ear problem. The most common problems include skin rash and eye irritation and redness. In women, vaginal infections can be caused by polluted water.

It is common for people to ingest tiny bits of pool water. Swimmers, people who enjoy water games and small children are most likely to ingest water. If the water is contaminated, it can cause various kinds of infections. The most common ones are the gastrointestinal infections.

Do you want to eliminate these health risks and enjoy safe bathing? Then you need to install a reliable pull pump and a filter and keep them in good operating condition.

Cold Water Problems

When the water is too cold, no one wants to get inside the pool and have fun. Thankfully, there is a solution to this problem. You can use a swimming pool heater. The only way, in which it can work, is though a pool pump. The pump drives the pool water into the heater which makes it warmer and then forces it back into the tank.

With a pool heater added to the pool pump and filter system, you not only get warmer water on cold days when the heat from the sun is not sufficient. You can run your pool for longer. You can prepare it for use in late spring instead of early summer. You can use it throughout the autumn as well. That way, you will really make the most out of this facility. Besides, you can select from different kinds of heaters which can match literally any requirements and pocket.

Bottom Line

You can get literally all of your pool problems solved with the installation of a pool pump and additional pieces of equipment.

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