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Pool Pump Reviews: Pentair 340040 Stainless Steel SuperFlo Single-Speed Almod Pool Pump

The swimming pool is one of the favorite spots in every hotel and in every home that has it. You can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, water games and even water aerobics. There are also those who just love relaxing by the water. You would not enjoy all of these benefits fully without a pool pump. One of the popular options at present is the Pentair 340040 Stainless Steel SuperFlo Single-Speed Almod Pool Pump, 2-Horsepower 230-Volt Single-Phase.

In this review of Pentair 340040, I will discuss all of the features and capabilities of the pump and outline its pros and cons. I am an owner of hotels with swimming pools so I know how important it is to make the right choice when it comes to such a device. I personally prefer pool pumps that work quietly and that have high energy efficiency. That way, I provide the perfect swimming pool experience to my guests while keeping my costs down. Let’s focus on this particular product now.

Pentair Stainless Steel SuperFlo Single Speed Almod Pool Pump

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Product Description

Pentair 340040 SuperFlo Pool Pump is designed to be used for in-ground swimming pools and spas. It boasts with a very powerful motor that produces 2 horsepower. It is designed to operate quietly. The stainless steel construction is one of the major features that make the product stand out, according to the manufacturer. The body of the device has thick walls. The strainer basket is made larger.

Features of Pentair Stainless Steel SuperFlo Single Speed Almod Pool Pump

The stainless steel construction of this Pentair pool pump is certainly worth reviewing. This metal is protected from rusting. It is very strong and not easy to scratch and to dent. It is extremely durable as well. The thick plastic walls cover the metal parts of the device for even more efficient protection from damage. Strength, durability and cost-efficient maintenance are the things which I require when I buy swimming pool pumps for my commercial pools. I suggest you pay attention to these factors too.

The motor of this pump is perhaps its most impressive feature. The heavy-duty 56 square flange motor produces 2 horsepower and operates on 230 volts. It runs at a single speed. It is natural to ask yourself why you may need such a powerful motor. The greater power allows for improved operational efficiency. The device will do its job more quickly. This saves energy. Hence, it can be said that the motor is energy efficient and cost efficient as well as productively efficient.

The innovative internal flow design of the Pentair SuperFlo is another feature which caught my attention and which deserves your attention too. This design allows for fairly quiet operation. You can expect this device to be quieter than most of its counterparts. I already shared my preference for quiet pumps and perhaps you share it too.

The oversized strainer basket is another notable feature. It can collect quite a lot of leaves which tend to take up a considerable amount of space. The larger basket capacity allows for less frequent cleaning. The transparent lid of the basket makes maintenance even easier especially for home owners who do not have a professional maintaining their pool. You can monitor the amount of debris collected inside on a regular basis without having to open the lid every time. This saves time and effort.


The flow rate of this Pentair SuperFlo pool pump, just like the flow rate of any other pool pump, is affected by the depth of the pool and the resistance to the water flow poses by other pieces of equipment. That is why I recommend calculating the exact numbers for your pool so that you can decide whether the capabilities of the device match your requirements. What I can tell you based on the chart available from the manufacturer is that at resistance of 30 feet of head, the pump’s flow rate is over 100 GPM (gallons per minute).


This Pentair pool pump is particularly suitable for large and medium-sized pools. It will work superbly for a smaller pool as well, but the cost of running the pool will be higher. My point is that you will pay more for the energy which the pump needs to run without actually needing the extra power.


The major advantages of Pentair SuperFlo Pool Pump are:

  • Powerful Operation and High Water Flow

The pump will work efficiently to keep the water in your pool clean and enjoyable at all times. This is the main benefit any pool owner wants. After all, if the pump does not do a good job, it does not really matter whether it has other benefits.

  • Peace and Quiet by the Pool

You will not hear any annoying noises when you relax by the water, unless children and pets play around, of course. As I mentioned earlier, for me as a business owner, quiet operation is crucial.

  • Energy Efficiency

Thanks to the more powerful motor, the pump works more quickly to deliver the desired results. This saves energy in the short term and in the long term.

  • Durability and Reliability

 The sturdy construction of the device ensures its optimal operation in the long run.

  • Easy Cleaning

You will have to clean the strainer basket less frequently. It is easier to keep an eye on as well. This is very convenient especially for home pool owners.


I’m not saying that Pentair 340040 is perfect, but I did not manage to find major drawbacks. One of thing that I have noticed is that the device is a little noisier than expected at the start of its operation. However, it quickly turns to a quiet mode of operation. Another thing to note, which is generally not a drawback, but which is worth highlighting is that the 1-year warranty is only on the mechanical parts. The warranty does not cover labor.


I think that Pentair 340040 Stainless Steel SuperFlo Single-Speed Almod Pool Pump, is a sturdy and excellently operating device. It has a wide range of benefits and a few drawbacks which do not have much to do with the operation of the pump.

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