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Pool Pump Reviews: Intex 54611EG Krystal Clear Saltwater System and Filter Pump

It is really sad to look at a gorgeous pool filled with murky greenish-brown water which is not suitable for swimming and playing. This problem can be solved quickly with the use of a pool pump. The next logical question is how to pick one which is effective, reliable and easy to use. I decided to help fellow buyers make a choice by reviewing the top pool pumps at the moment. I own and manage several hotels with small pools so I believe that my experience and knowledge will be of use to others. Here I will review the Intex 54611EG Krystal Clear saltwater system and filter pump.

In this Intex 54611EG Krystal Clear review, I will present and evaluate each of the features and capabilities of this pool filter pump. I will explain who it is suitable for as well. I can promise that my list of pros and cons will be thorough, objective and entirely evidence-based. My conclusion will be base on my personal opinion. Irrespective of whether you share this opinion or not, you will be fully ready to decide on the product after reading the review.

Intex 54611EG Krystal Clear Saltwater System and Filter Pump

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Intex 54611EG Krystal Clear Saltwater System and Filter Pump is a filter pump for above ground pools. It is powered by an electric motor. It has an integrated ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) unit for safety shut-off. It uses a saltwater system with 2-stage technology for keeping the water clean. This Intex Krystal Clear Saltwater Filtration System offers an alternative to the use of traditional pool chemicals.

The Intex pump uses “B” cartridges. It has a 24-hour timer and a strainer basket. The two fittings required for connecting the device to the pool are included in the package. The flow rate of the cartridge filter is 1,650 gallons per hour (GPH). The flow rate of the pump is 2,000 GPH.

Features of the Intex 54611EG Krystal Clear Saltwater System and Filter Pump

The dimensions of this above ground pool pump from Intex are 25 by 16.9 by 16.5 inches. It weighs 43.3 pounds. It sits on a platform so it can be readily placed on the ground next to the pool. These measurements show that the device is compact and light. It is easy to carry, to store and to set up when the summer comes. It is set firmly on the ground. The plastic construction is sturdy enough to withstand accidently hits and durable enough to withstand the effects of the elements.

The electric motor of this pool pump is well engineered and constructed. It has effective and reliable operation. It requires no special maintenance. It is sufficiently powerful to allow for the fast filtering of a large volume of water.

The built-in ground fault circuit interrupter unit shuts the pump off automatically if the electric current comes in contact with water. That way, the safety of the swimmers and the people around the pool is guaranteed. This feature also works to protect the motor and the other parts of the device.

The saltwater system is a major feature of Intex Krystal Clear Saltwater Filtration System which has to be looked into very carefully. It uses natural salt to reduce the amount of chlorine required for sanitizing the water. This chemical compound is quite effective when it comes to fighting algae and contaminants and much gentler to the skin and eyes of the pool users and their bathing suits.

The system has two-stage operation. During the first stage salt and a small amount of natural chlorine are released into the pool’s water. During the second stage, the copper-ionization feature releases ions which are quite potent disinfectants. It has been found that these ions are much more effective against algae than traditional chlorine. I can say that the saltwater system does an excellent job in keeping the water clean and safe without causing side effects. It is effective and easy and cheap to maintain.

The “B” cartridges which Intex 54611EG Krystal Clear Saltwater System and Filter Pump uses capture even super tiny debris particles and contaminating microorganisms. They work quite well, but they have to be replaced every two weeks. This certainly adds to the maintenance workload.

The 24-hour timer is one of the highly functional features of this pool filter pump and I like it quite a lot. It lets you choose how frequently the device will filter the water within 24 hours. The optimal number of filtering cycles per day depends on the size of the pool.

The strainer basket is not particularly big so you may have to clean it more frequently. The connection fittings are reliable and easy to install. They make the presence of the pump quite discreet.


The Intex pool pump can filtrate 1,650 gallons of water per hour. This is a good capacity for such a small and compact machine. You can expect the water in your pool to be filtered completely in a short period of time. The pump flow rate is 2,000 gallons per hour. This means that when you use the pump for cleaning and other tasks apart from filtering, it will operate even more quickly. The device is fairly quiet. The saltwater sanitizing system works simply, effectively and safely.


This above ground pool pump is suitable for medium-sized to large above-ground pools. The saltwater system can be used as an alternative to the traditional chemical treatment of the water. The pump is placed on the ground so it is directly accessible. Special safety measures have to be taken into account in the presence of small children and pets.


The benefits of this Intex Pump are:

  • Compact
  • Easy to set up
  • Simple to use
  • Reliable and fairly fast water filtration
  • Effective and safe chemical treatment
  • Pleasant soft water
  • Safety
  • Versatility
  • Quiet operation
  • Strong and durable
  • – 2-year warranty


The drawbacks of this swimming pool pump with saltwater system are:

  • The instructions for use are a bit vague – You need to do some additional reading in order to get things right. Still, this is not a major issue.
  • The salt and natural chlorine release is regulated with the timer but the ion release is not – This is not a serious problem, but it can be frustrating for pool owners who want to have perfect control over the chemical treatment.


This review concludes that the Intex 54611EG Krystal Clear Saltwater System and Filter Pump is an excellent product. It has a double function. It is effective. It is safe and easy to use. It is certainly a great choice.

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