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Pool Pump Reviews: Pentair WhisperFlo High Energy Efficient 1 HP Pool Pump

No swimming pool can be enjoyed fully if it the water and the walls and floor are not clean. You can keep them in excellent condition with the use of the right pool pump. At the same time, the comparison of various models can be a daunting task especially if you have basic technical knowledge only. I have been in this situation so I decided to help fellow buyer by writing reviews on the top sellers at present. I think I have sufficient experience and knowledge as I have been using such devices for the pools of my hotels for a long time now. Here is my review of the Pentair 011513 WhisperFlo full-rated energy efficient pool pump.

This Pentair WhisperFlo pump review will focus on each of the features and capabilities of the device individually. I will evaluate them in an objective and detailed manner. I will also answer the important question of who this model is suitable for. I will sum up my evaluation in the list of pros and cons of the device. I will share my final thoughts in the conclusion. You do not have to agree with me in order to make up your mind.

Pentair WhisperFlo Pump

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Product Description of the Pentair WhisperFlo pump

The Pentair pool pump is designed for in-ground pools. It has thermostatic plastic housing. It is powered by an electric motor which produces 1 horsepower. The motor frame has stainless steel shaft. Its sealed bearings do not require manual lubrication. The pump has single-speed operation. The hydraulic system has innovative design for improved operation. It uses a specially engineered diffuser and impeller. The oversized strainer basket has a clear plastic lid. Let us now take a closer look at each feature of the device.

Features of the Pentair WhisperFlo 1 Hp Pool Pump

The design of the WhisperFlo 1 Hp pool pump is traditional. It is fairly compact and not particularly heavy. It should fit into any pool system well. The plastic housing is tough and durable. It is resistant to water damage and to marks, dents, chips and cracks caused by accidental hits. It has potent thermostatic properties. This means that it does a good job in protecting the motor and the other sensitive parts from fluctuations in the temperature. It helps to extend the useful life of the device.

The motor of this swimming pool pump has perfect design and construction, at least in my opinion. It is built to perform excellently and to last for years. The stainless steel shaft of the frame is just one of the elements which ensure its flawless operation in the short term and in the long one as well. The bearings are self-lubricated so you will not have to provide any special maintenance to the motor.

This motor produces 1 horsepower. This does not make it the most powerful in the pool pump world, but it is quite productively efficient. You can expect great performance.

The hydraulic system of this energy efficient pool pump works excellently. Both the diffuser and impeller have high productive efficiency and energy efficiency as well. They work together to keep the water flow high at all times while using as little energy as possible. Their operation produces less vibration and consequently less noise. Issues such as clogged impeller are out of the question. Given the efficiency of this system, the single speed operation is certainly not a drawback.

The oversized strainer basket is a feature which I find particularly practical. Given its greater volume, it gets filled up with debris more slowly. Hence, it has to be cleaned less frequently. This single feature reduces the time and effort required for the pump’s maintenance considerably.

The plastic lid of the basket is another highly useful feature of the Pentair WhisperFlo pump. You can check whether the basket requires cleaning just by looking through the lid. This also saves time and effort. I feel obliged to point out that the lid is easy to open, to close and to lock. This makes things even better.


This Pentair high efficiency pool pump has considerable output at various resistance levels. It can process a great volume of water in a single minute. It is a good performer. It can work to provide effective pool water filtering, pool cleaning and pool heating.

This Pentair pool pump has high performance which provides for great energy efficiency. The hydraulic system uses more effectively the power produces by the motor. Hence, it maintains its output and speed without energy wasting. You can enjoy much lower operating costs thanks to this capability of this high efficiency pool pump.


This Pentair WhisperFlo pump is suitable for in-ground pools. It can work effectively for medium-sized to large pools. Its high performance allows it to be used for pools with spas including jet action ones. It can be used for pools with fountains, waterfalls and similar features requiring greater water filtering capacity. This pump is compatible with most pool cleaning and pool heating systems and with most types of filters used at present. I can safely say that it is quite versatile.

Pros of the Pentair WhisperFlo Energy Efficient Pool Pump

The benefits of the Pentair WhisperFlo pump are:

  • Sufficiently powerful
  • High performance
  • Good capabilities
  • Effective water filtering
  • Clean pool water at all times
  • Simple to use
  • Energy efficiency
  • Quiet operation
  • Basic maintenance only
  • Versatile
  • Strong and durable


The drawbacks of the Pentair pump are:

  • The motor can get a bit noisy in cold weather – There may be a squeaky noise caused by the bearings. This, however, should not affect the performance or the durability of the motor.
  • The 1-year warranty is quite limited – There are various limitations that you need to pay attention to. The warranties on most other products in the industry are more comprehensive.


This review concludes that the WhisperFlo energy efficient pool pump is a good product overall. It is a potent performer. It is tough and well protected from operating flaws and damage. It is easy to maintain and saves you money. You can expect it to have a long useful life despite the short and limited warranty. It is a good choice of pump.

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