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Pool Pump Reviews: Pentair 011017 IntelliFlo VS+SVRS Pool Pump

Traditionally, pool pumps have consumed a lot of energy while operating quite noisily spoiling the fun around the pool. Now companies have come up with more advanced designs and technologies which eliminate these issues. One of the most sophisticated devices available on the market at present is the Pentair 011017 IntelliFlo VS+SVRS High Performance 230-Volt 16 Amp Pool Pump.

I think this Pentair IntelliFlo is worth reviewing since a lot of people show great interest in it and at the same time it requires a considerable investment. I have experience in buying pool pumps as the hotels I own and run have swimming pools. I know how important it is for the people using the facility to have fun while their safety is guaranteed. In this review, I will evaluate all of the major features and capabilities of the device outlining its advantages and drawbacks.

Pentair 011017 IntelliFlo VS+SVRS Pool Pump

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Product Description

The IntelliFlo VS+SVRS runs at 230 volts. It is equipped with an onboard computer which adjusts the optimal flow rate so that the pool can be maintained in perfect condition while the energy uses is reduced to the very possible minimum. The settings of the device are adjusted remotely using a controller, which comes separately. You can select from 4 different speeds and a range of functions. The device has protective systems to ensure its long term operation as well.

This is just a brief summary of what this Pentair pool pump can offer. As you can see it is packed with sophisticated features. This is a good thing provided that it brings actual benefits. I always evaluate equipment from the point of view of a business owner. After all, I need to provide an excellent service while keeping costs down.


Pentair 011017 IntelliFlo VS+SVRS pump runs with permanent magnet motors. These operate at 230 volts. These motors are designed to be energy efficient. They are typically used in hybrid cars.

The 4 speeds of the Pentair pool pump really make it stand out in the crowd. You can choose any one of them depending on the function that you need the pump to perform. By choosing the most appropriate speed you provide for energy saving.

The onboard computer of the pool pump is its most sophisticated feature. It comes equipped with a software program developed by the manufacturer to provide for optimal performance and energy efficiency. Once you select the preferred speed and the function that you want the pump to perform, the software automatically calculates the optimal flow rate. That way, the pump works efficiently using up the smallest possible amount of energy. One notable feature is the ability to set minimum and maximum speed limits for each function to ensure even more efficient operation.

The built-in diagnostics of this IntelliFlo pump offer protection from the major kinds of threats that can lead to premature failure. The safety vacuum release system protects the device in case of drain blockage. Other notable features include a lock-out of the speed settings of the pump which is protected with a password. That way, no one apart from you can change the settings.

The internal flow design of the IntelliFlo pool pump allows for quiet operation. It does not exceed 10 decibels. This is an extremely low noise for such a powerful device.


You can program the entire operation of Pentair IntelliFlo pump . Programming the optimal speed of operation for each function is done just with the push of a few buttons. You can select from a wide range of operations which include filtering, heating, and cleaning and water features operation. You can set speed limits as well. Once you have programmed the speeds for the respective functions, the computer will adjust the flow rate accordingly so that the pool is clean with minimum energy consumption.

The various features of the Pentair IntelliFlo pool pump from the design of the motors to the flow rate adjustment are dedicated towards energy saving. According to the manufacturer, the energy that is normally used to run such a device will fall by 90 per cent. This is supposed to result in a 40-per cent lower energy costs for running a pool pump. This device can really save you money. Depending on the size of your pool and on the operation of the pump, you can save as much as $1,360 per year.

Self-protection is another highly valued capability of the device. The diagnostics prevent premature failure caused by freezing, overheating and irregularities of the voltage. Priming protection is guaranteed as well. The safety vacuum release system offers protection in case of drain blockage.


This Pentair IntelliFlo VS+SVRS pump works for all kinds of pools and spas. There are absolutely no limitations to its capabilities. The flow rate and the energy consumption are adjusted in line with the pool. This makes the product extremely versatile.


Here is a summary of the major benefits and advantages of Pentair 011017 IntelliFlo VS+SVRS:

  • Versatility

– Suitable for all swimming pools and spas

  • Efficient Operation

– automatic adjustment of the water flow for optimal operation

  • Intelligent Control

– you can adjust the entire operation of the device in line with your needs

  • High Energy Efficiency

– reduces pool pump energy consumption by 90 per cent and the energy cost by 40 per cent

  • Effective Protection

– the device is protected from all kinds of threats

  • Quiet Operation

– you will not hear any annoying noise coming form the device.


This Pentair IntelliFlo does not have major disadvantages. The ones I could find are:

  • Complex warranty – you have to assemble a range of documents to get any problem fixed. Furthermore, the warranty typically covers the cost of the replacement parts and not the labor cost.
  • The remote controller has to be purchased separately – this is not a major drawback, but it adds to the cost.


Do I recommend the Pentair 011017 IntelliFlo VS+SVRS Pool Pump? I certainly do. It is versatile, super functional and quiet. It saves you money while doing a great job. You should definitely consider investing in this product.

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