Feb 18

Hayward C4001575XES Easy-Clear 1-Horsepower Pump Pool Filter System

Hayward C4001575XES Pool Pump

Pool water cannot stay clean if it is not constantly filtered. Given this, you need to find the best filter pump for your pool. I know how challenging it is to search for such a device as I own and manage several hotels with small pools. I am now a seasoned buyer and user so …

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Jan 31

Pool Pump Reviews: Hayward SP15922S Power-Flo Matrix Above-Ground Pump 2-Speed

Hayward SP15922S Power-Flo Matrix Above-Ground Pump

No matter whether you like it or not, you need to use a pool pump to keep the water in the pool free from debris, algae and contaminants. Given that you have to rely on such a device, it has to be nothing else but perfect. If you find it difficult to locate such a …

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Jan 15

Pool Pump Reviews: Hayward Power-Flo Matrix Above-Ground Pump

Hayward Power-Flo Matrix Above-Ground Pump

The above ground swimming pools are easy to set up and to use, but this does not mean that they require less maintenance than their in ground counterparts. If you want the water inside to remain perfectly clean and clear, you will need a reliable pool pump. Making a choice is difficult given the various …

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Dec 18

Pool Pump Reviews: Intex 28651EG Sand Filter Pump

Intex 56671EG Sand Filter Pump

The cool water in the swimming pool is a true blessing on a hot summer day, but it can hide a lot of dangers if it is not cleaned and filtered properly. If you want the water to remain safe and in perfect condition you should get a pool pump. The question is which one …

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Dec 06

Pool Pump Reviews: Pentair SuperFlo Single Speed Almod Pool Pump

Pentair SuperFlo Pool Pump

Nothing can compare to water fun in the pool. Your task is to make the experience safe as well as entertaining. This will depend to a great extent on the pool pump that you choose. I have extensive experience as a buyer and user of such devices so I decided to give others a helping …

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Sep 20

Pool Pump Reviews: Hayward Power-Flo LX Series Pool Pump

Hayward Power Flo LX Pump

No swimming pool can be safe without a pool pump. This device ensures that there are no debris, bugs and algae in the water and that it can be enjoyed fully. At the same time, the choice of a pump is not a simple one given that there are numerous models to pick from. I …

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Jun 27

Pool Pump Reviews: Pentair 011012 IntelliFlo VF Pool Pump

Pentair 011012 IntelliFlo VF Pool Pump

In every business, your assets and facilities are everything. Without them, you do not have business; no amount of money can attract customers to your business. The assets and facilities are the ones that help you offer services to your customers. Personally, I am in the business of hospitality and hotels. This is a service …

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May 06

Pool Pump Reviews: Pentair 011017 IntelliFlo VS+SVRS Pool Pump

Pentair 011017 IntelliFlo VS+SVRS Pool Pump

Traditionally, pool pumps have consumed a lot of energy while operating quite noisily spoiling the fun around the pool. Now companies have come up with more advanced designs and technologies which eliminate these issues. One of the most sophisticated devices available on the market at present is the Pentair 011017 IntelliFlo VS+SVRS High Performance 230-Volt …

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Apr 22

Pool Pump Reviews: Pentair 011013 IntelliFlo VS 3050 High-Performance Pool Pump

Pentair IntelliFlo VS 3050 Pool Pump

The perfect pool is always clean and pleasant to bathe in and swim in. It has low operational and maintenance costs as well. This is how I see things. For me, these factors are important as I own swimming pools which are part of my hotel complexes. I know how frustrating it can be to …

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Apr 05

Pool Pump Reviews: Pentair 340040 Stainless Steel SuperFlo Single-Speed Almod Pool Pump

Pentair Stainless Steel SuperFlo Single Speed Almod Pool Pump

The swimming pool is one of the favorite spots in every hotel and in every home that has it. You can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, water games and even water aerobics. There are also those who just love relaxing by the water. You would not enjoy all of these benefits fully without a pool pump. One …

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