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Pool Pump Reviews: Intex 28681EG Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump and Saltwater System

You feel simply amazing when you submerse in the cool water of the swimming pool on a hot Sunday afternoon. But what if there are debris particles floating around you? You need an effective and reliable pool pump to ensure that the water is perfectly clean at all times. There are many different models to pick from so you will certainly benefit from some help. I use my experience as a buyer and user to review the current best sellers. Consider my review of the Intex 28681EG 120V 16-Inch Krystal Clear sand filter pump and saltwater system. You will find it helpful for making a decision on this product.

My Intex 28681EG review will begin with the description of the product and continue with the assessment of its features and capabilities. I will explain who it is suitable for. I will present a detailed list of its pros and cons. Let’s get started.

Intex 28681EG krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump and Saltwater System

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Product Description

Intex 28681EG is a two-in-one device. The Krystal Clear sand filter pump has a flow rate of 2,650 gallons per hour. The flow rate of the saltwater system, which has copper ionization feature, is 2,200 GPH. The tank measures 16 inches and can accommodate 100 pounds of sand. The Intex filter pump has 6 functions which are set with the use of a valve. There is a 24-hour timer and a control panel with a small display. The motor produces 0.95 horsepower. The unit comes with a ground fault circuit interrupter as well.

Features of Intex 28681EG Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump and Saltwater System

This Intex pool pump has fairly compact design as it measures just 16.6 by 28.2 by 27.1 inches. It has good portability thanks to its weight of 61.2 lbs. It is easy to take it to the right place and to set it up right next to the above-ground pool. When it comes to the make, you should know that this Intex krystal clear sand filter pump and saltwater system is perfectly weatherproof and quite sturdy. You can expect it to remain in good condition for years to come.

The Krystal Clear sand filter is effective and perfectly reliable. Thanks to its unique properties, sand removes debris and dirt particles of all shapes and sizes from the water. The best thing about it is that it requires replacement only every 5 years. This reduces greatly the amount of pool maintenance work which has to be done. This is a huge benefit for a busy person like me and I am sure that it is for you too.

You can select from 6 filtration functions. This makes Intex 28681EG quite sophisticated despite its basic design and compact size. In addition to the standard filter function, you will also get backwashing, rinsing, recirculation and draining. The final function is for closing the system completely. It is really easy to set the function which you want to use. You just need to turn the valve into the required direction.

The job of the saltwater system is to provide disinfection and it does it excellently. It produces special ions which work to fight and to destroy algae found in the water. This is achieved via the copper ionization process. These disinfecting ions are considered to be more effective than the traditional pool chemicals. They are perfectly safe and do not have unpleasant smell. The system also generates a small amount of natural chlorine for complete disinfection.

The 24-hour timer of Intex krystal clear sand filter pump and saltwater system works flawlessly. It is perfectly dependable and this is the most important thing of all. The control panel has clearly labeled buttons and a sufficiently large display. Both of these features make it easy to adjust the operation of the pump so that you get the best results without wasting any energy.


This compact and fairly light Intex sand filter pump has superb capabilities. The 0.95 HP motor is sufficiently powerful to ensure the optimal performance of the pump at all times. Both the Krystal Clear sand filter pump and the saltwater system have very high flow rates. This makes them productively efficient. In turn, this contributes to the energy efficiency of the pump along with the timer function. Thanks to its powerful operation, Intex 28681EG can filter the water in a pool with capacity of as much as 15,000 gallons.

Who Can Use It

This Intex sand filter pump is an excellent choice for any outdoor swimming pool with capacity up to 15,000 gallons. It can be used for hot tubs and other kinds of spa pools. It matches facilities set above the ground perfectly. Since the saltwater system virtually eliminates the need for using pool chemicals, this device can be quite helpful for families with kids and for people who have sensitive skin or allergies.


The benefits of Intex 28681EG are:

  • Clean and fresh pool water – You will never have to worry about debris, algae or germs.
  • Perfect safety – You can forget about issues caused by contaminants and harsh chemicals in the water.
  • Reduced maintenance – You will have to replace the filter and clean the debris basket much less frequently.
  • Ease of use – You simply need to press a few buttons and to turn the valve into the required direction.
  • Dependable performance – You can expect the device to run smoothly and to operate effectively at all times.
  • Perfect portability – You can set up the device at any place and store it safely indoors when it is not in use.
  • 2-year manufacturer warranty – Most of the competitors of this device are covered for just one year.


This is the only product drawback which I found:

  • The sand filter and the saltwater system have to use the same timing – This is because the timer is shared. Basically, you cannot run one function more frequently than the other. This is not a major issue, however.


Overall, the Intex 28681EG 120V 16-Inch Krystal Clear sand filter pump and saltwater system is an excellent device to have. Its double function, which includes filtering and disinfection, makes is a super practical piece of equipment to have. It saves you time, effort and money. The unit is a superb performer. It works effectively and reliable. It is made to withstand the elements and the test of time. You will certainly benefit greatly from this device.

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