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The Importance of Having a Good Quality Pool Pump

You have invested a fairly large amount of money in a swimming pool. What most companies selling such products do not tell you is that the investment in the maintenance of a pool is considerable as well. Many owners are unprepared psychologically and sometimes financially to make the further investment required. As a result they invest in a pool pump and filter that are inexpensive, but not necessarily of good quality.

What I can tell you from experience is that a good quality pool pump will guarantee swimming pool cleanliness and safety and save you pool maintenance money in the long term. I own a number of hotels which include swimming pools and it is essential for me to provide the best quality service while keeping costs as low as possible. I have come up with a set of criteria that define a good quality pump and always base my choice on these factors. You should consider them as well so that you can ensure that you will get the best quality pump for your pool.

Sturdy Construction

The Importance of Having a Good Quality Pool PumpYou can easily recognize a good quality pool pump by looking at the materials which it is made from. The internal parts of the device should be made from a strong and durable metal that is protected from corrosion. Thick plastic walls over the metal parts guarantee that the device will be perfectly well protected from the elements. These will reduce the risk of damage from debris found in the surrounding environment as well. A pump with sturdy construction will work efficiently for longer.

A pump that is not well constructed will eventually stop working properly. It may get damaged beyond repair in just a few years. In this case, you will have to invest in a new device.


Despite the common misconception, more powerful pool pumps are not necessarily of better quality. You should choose the power of the pump in line with the size and volume of your pool tank. One important factor to pay attention to is the service factor. Up-rated devices are more productively efficient compared to their full-rated counterparts.

If you buy a good-quality pump it will operate in a productive and energy-efficient manner. A poor-quality device may not do the job well and expose the users of the pool to health risks. It may also cost you more to use it if it is not energy efficient.

Variable Speed

Why is it important for a good quality pool pump to have variable speed? Standard pumps come with 1 speed only so they will perform all functions from filtering to heating at this speed of the motor. However, often the needed speed is lower. Hence, when you are running the device at a higher speed you are wasting energy and money.

When you have a good-quality variable speed pool pump, you can select the speed according to your needs. This will result in saving energy and money every time you run the device. It has been estimated that you can save hundreds of dollars per year with a variable speed function.

Onboard Computer

The most sophisticated pool pumps available on the market at present come with onboard computers. These computers are equipped with specifically developed software. You can control the computer remotely as well using a controller designed especially for the purpose.

It is natural to ask how a computer improves the quality of a pump. Once you select a speed, the computer works to adjust the flow rate so that the device works optimally and uses as little energy as possible. Basically, the computer gives you a full control over the device so that you can use it in the most productively efficient, energy efficient and cost efficient manner.

Given that you can save hundreds of dollars a year and sometimes well over $1,000 when you have a computerized pump with variable speed, you can expect your investment in the piece of equipment to pay off in approximately one year, give or take. When you have an inferior device, you will spend a whole lot of money on the energy necessary to run it. Hence, it will cost you more in the long term.

Automatic Protection

A good quality pump will come equipped with a system or systems for automatic protection. The most basic system, which most devices have, shuts the pump off automatically in case of overheating to protect its parts. However, you should certainly consider equipment with more sophisticated systems. These will extend the useful life of the device, provide for optimal operation in the long term and save you money on repairs. With an inferior device, you may have all kinds of issues to deal with and this will result in a lot of hassle and money being spent on repairs and possibly on replacement of the pump.

A computerized pump will have precise automatic protection from freezing and voltage irregularities as well as from overheating. A system for protecting the pump in case of drain blockage will increase the level of protection even further.

Quiet Operation

A modern swimming pool pump of good quality will not produce an annoying noise when working. If you go for an inferior device, it may actually ruin your entire pool experience with an annoying sound that does not seem to stop. Relaxing, reading a book and playing music are things that you may not be able to do with a loud pump.

It is certainly worth investing in a quiet pump for the purpose of having a great time by the pool and in it, of course. For instance, a motor with an internal airflow ventilation system should produce much less noise. Enquire about the loudness of the noise produced by the device which you intend to purchase if such information is not directly mentioned in the product description.

Bottom Line

You can be certain that the investment in a good quality pool pump made by you will pay off quite quickly and that you will enjoy the benefits of using this device in the long term.

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