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Pool Pump Reviews: Hayward Super II Pool Pump

Are you prepared to buy a pool pump? The reality is that most buyers are not even if they are currently using such a device. It is hard to keep up with all the technical terms and to compare many different products. I know what it feels like to be lost. That is why I decided to help buyers like me by reviewing the current top selling pool pumps in the market. I have been buying and using pumps for the pools of my hotels for many years now so you can rely on my knowledge and objectivity. Now I will review the Hayward Super II pool pump aka. Hayward SP3015X20AZ Super II 2-Horsepower Pool Pump.

In this Hayward Super pump review, I will provide thorough evaluation of the model’s features and capabilities. In the suitability section, you will find out whether this product can match your pool. I will summarize the findings of the review in the list of pros and cons. Then I will provide an objective conclusion. You will be able to make a confident choice after reading this review.

Hayward Super II Pool Pump

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Product Description

Hayward Super II pool pump is a swimming pool pump for in-ground pools. It is powered by a self-priming heavy duty motor which produces 2 horsepower. It uses a patented full-flow hydraulic system. The strainer basket of the unit has a volume of 155 cubic feet. It has extra capacity. The lid of the basket is made from clear plastic. All components have thermoplastic molding. The material has been reinforced. The pump has an output of 115 GPM (gallons per minute) at 40 feet of head and 103 GPM at 50 feet of head.

Features of the Hayward Super II Pool Pump

The design and make of Hayward Super II pool pump are the primary features to look into. The pump is not small, but it is designed to fit compactly into existing pool systems. It is not particularly heavy. The thermoplastic molding of the components guarantees their durability in a wet environment. They are perfectly resistant to corrosion. As a result, you can expect them to have a long useful life and to keep their optimal performance in the long term. The thermoplastic is reinforced so the components are effectively protected from scratches, dents, chips and cracks as well.

The Hayward pool pump is equipped with a heavy duty motor which has super design and make. It has highly efficient operation without special maintenance. It has flawlessly working self-cooling mechanism. It is quiet. You can expect it to operate excellently for years to come.

The motor produces 2 horsepower. This is above the average for pool pumps. The great amount of power produced is reflected in the high output at great resistant from the pool’s plumbing system expressed in feet of head.

The hydraulic system of Hayward pump is designed to ensure the full flow of water at all times. The diffuser and impeller work in a highly efficient manner. Their operation allows for energy savings as well. You will never have to worry about clogging or other issues reducing the flow of water through the pump.

With its volume of 155 cubic feet, the strainer basket of this swimming pool pump is one of the largest that you can find. It is true that it takes up more space, but the greater capacity makes maintenance much less frequent and consequently easier. Weeks may pass before the basket has to be emptied. You can always use the extra load capacity, if needed.

You will never open the cover lid in vain and this is another benefit which I appreciate quite a lot. The lid is made from clear plastic so it is super easy to monitor the level of collected debris inside. Generally, the lid is easy to open and to close and lick in place afterwards. It is strong and durable.


The Hayward Super II pool pump handles 115 gallons of water per minute at 40 feet of head, 103 gallons of water per minute at 50 feet of head and 54 gallons of water per minute at 80 feet of head. These numbers clearly show that this pump from Hayward has excellent capacity. It can filter large volumes of water super fast no matter how great the resistance of the pool’s plumbing system is.

Thanks to the hydraulic system, the Hayward pool pump delivers greater performance than the standard for the 2 horsepower which the motor produces. Basically, it uses the same amount of power to work more quickly and efficiently. This results in higher energy efficiency. This is an important benefit given that it can save you a considerable amount of money in the long term.


This pool pump is designed for use in in-ground pool systems. It is suitable for pools of various sizes. It is usually used for medium-sized and large ones. Thanks to its great capacity at high levels of resistance, it can be used for pools with integrated spas, fountains and waterfalls. It can be used to enable the operation of in-floor cleaning systems and systems for solar heating.

Pros of This Hayward Super Pump

The positive things about Hayward Super pump are:

  • Very powerful
  • Excellent operation
  • Great capacity
  • Effective pool water cleaning
  • Good energy efficiency
  • Quiet
  • Easy to use
  • Simple maintenance
  • Durable construction
  • Reliable


The negative things about this Hayward pool pump are:

  • Professional installation may be needed – If you do not have knowledge and experience in installing such pumps, you will most certainly have to call the pros. This is generally not a great drawback, but you have to take into account the cost of installation. Generally, the professional installation will guarantee the efficient working of the device.
  • It may take some time to get used to the lid’s opening mechanism – The lid cover of the strainer basket is generally easy to remove and to lock, but you have to get familiar with the way it works in the first place. This is generally not a serious issue at all.


This review finds the Hayward Super II pool pump to be a great choice. It offers excellent performance while saving you time, effort and money. You will enjoy your pool much more after installing this device.

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