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Pool Pump Reviews: Hayward SP1592 Power-Flo Matrix 1HP Above Ground Pool Pump

A swimming pool is much more than a container filled with water. It requires a plumbing system for maintaining the water in perfect condition plus regular cleaning. A pool pump is an essential component of the plumbing system. But how do you choose one for your pool? The decision is never easy so I decided to help buyers like me make the right choice by reviewing the current top sellers. I own and manage several hotels with pools so I believe I’m seasoned in pump buying and use. Take a closer look at my review of the Hayward SP1592 Power-Flo Matrix 1HP Above Ground Pool Pump.

This Hayward Power-Flo Matrix pump review will focus extensively on the unit’s features and capabilities. I will provide objective and thorough assessment of each one. I will discuss the suitability of the product as well. I will sum up my findings in the pros and cons list. I will draw an unbiased conclusion. Let me introduce you to the product now.

Hayward SP1592 Power-Flo Matrix 1HP Above Ground Pool Pump

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Product Description

The Hayward SP1592 is a pool pump for above ground pool equipped with an electric motor, which produces 1 horsepower and has integrated automatic thermal overload protector. The Hayward pool pump runs at a single speed. It has housing which is resistant to corrosion. It features single-button conversion from horizontal to vertical discharge and vice versa.

The Noryl impeller has wide openings for the prevention of clogging. There is a rear mounted switch which is protected. The strainer basket’s size is based on industrial standards. The strainer housing is disconnected with the use of the C-Clip Connector. This Hayward pump comes with a 6-foot cord and an internal drain plug.

The Hayward above ground pool pump has an output of 86 GPM (gallons per minute) at resistance of 10 feet of head and output of 27 GPM at 50 feet of head. Let’s take a closer look at each feature.

Features of the Hayward SP1592 Power-Flo Matrix 1HP Above-Ground Pool Pump

The first features of Hayward SP1592 Power-Flo Matrix pump to look into are its size and weight. The unit measures 24 by 10 by 12 inches and weighs 25 pounds. It is not the smallest in the market, but it is quite compact given its capabilities. It is fairly light and this will definitely make installation easier.

The housing of this Hayward above-ground pool pump is quite tough and lightweight at the same time. It is resistant to corrosion and to hits and bumps as well. You should not expect it to dent, chip or crack. It should provide excellent protection to the unit at all times.

The electric motor of Hayward Power-Flo pump produces 1 horsepower. This does not make the unit super powerful, but the power produced is perfectly sufficient for water filtering and pool cleaning and for water heating, if this is required. The motor is well designed and has reliable and durable construction. It should keep operating efficiently for years to come.

The automatic thermal overload protector feature of the motor is crucial for the safety of the pool users and for the condition of the pump as well. It will work effectively to prevent accidents and damage to the pump which may cost hundreds of dollars to repair. This is a highly valuable feature.

The Noryl impeller is another important feature of the Hayward 1Hp pool pump. It ensures that the flaw of water is optimal at all times. Its wide openings are especially designed to prevent clogging with leaves and debris. This reduces maintenance and helps to extend the useful life of the motor.

The single button for conversion from horizontal to vertical discharge is another valuable feature of Hayward SP1592. This gives you great flexibility when using the plumbing system of the pool. You will be able to use the pump for various purposes more effectively and with less effort at the same time.

The rear mounted switch of the Hayward pool pump is a feature which many of its counterparts do not have so it is certainly one of its top selling points. You can turn the unit on and off with the push of a button and this is much more convenient compared to having to unplug the cable from the electric socket. It helps to save energy too. The switch is perfectly well protected from the potentially damaging environmental effects so you can expect it to work excellently for years.

The industrial size strainer basket of Hayward Power-Flo Matrix pump is a feature which I like quite a lot. It can collect a considerable amount of debris and this allows for less frequent cleaning. You can save quite a lot of time and effort thanks to this feature. The C-Clip connector also works to make maintenance easier.


The Hayward SP1592 can pump out 86 GPM at resistance from the plumbing system of the pool equal to 10 feet of head. If the resistance is 50 feet of head, the output of this above ground swimming pool pump is 27 GPM. As you can see, this Hayward pump has excellent capacity for the power that its motor produces. It can handle a large volume of water fairly quickly. Additionally, it has good energy efficiency and operates fairly quietly. The single speed poses some limitations but its effect on energy efficiency is not as great as some might think.


This Hayward Matrix pool pump is suitable for above-ground pools of small to medium size. You have to do precise calculations in order to decide whether it will match your pool given its size and the level of filtration which the water requires. The Hayward pool pump can operate in various climatic conditions. Any adult with basic technical knowledge can operate it.

Pros of the Hayward Power-Flo Matrix Above-Ground Pump

The benefits of Hayward Matrix pump are:

  • Good power
  • Excellent performance
  • Ease of use
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Fairly low noise levels
  • Good energy efficiency
  • High level of safety
  • Flexibility
  • Solid, durable and reliable


The drawbacks of the Hayward 1 horsepower above ground pool pump are:

  • User manual lacking some technical data – This can be an issue with DIY installation. Still, you should be able to get things done with a bit of support.
  • It may not work with hoses and screws that you have used before – This requires a small additional investment.


This review’s findings have shown that the SP1592 Hayward Power-Flo pump is a great pool pump for above ground pool in every respect. It works effectively. It is durable and reliable. It is easy to use and to maintain. You should definitely consider buying it.

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