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Pool Pump Reviews: Hayward Power-Flo LX Series Pool Pump

No swimming pool can be safe without a pool pump. This device ensures that there are no debris, bugs and algae in the water and that it can be enjoyed fully. At the same time, the choice of a pump is not a simple one given that there are numerous models to pick from. I decided to use my experience and knowledge as a buyer of such devices to write reviews on the current top sellers. I own and run a number of hotels with small pools so I am sure that I can be of help. Consider my review of the Hayward Power-Flo LX series pool pump.

In this Hayward Power-Flo LX review, I will provide detailed and objective evaluation of the features and capabilities of the device. I will discuss who it is suitable for as well. I will summarize my findings in the list of pros and cons of the product. You can readily use this list for comparison purposes. No matter whether you agree or disagree with my conclusion, you will be able to make the right decision for you after reading this review.

Hayward Power Flo LX Pump

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Product Description

Hayward Power-Flo LX pump is a pool water pump designed for above ground and on ground swimming pools. It is powered by a 60-cycle one-phase 115-volt electric motor producing 1.5 horsepower and working with 20-amp circuit breakers. The motor has bearings and shaft seals which are self-lubricating. It is connected to an electric grid via a 6-foot power cord. It is protected by a double seal which is drip proof and heat resistant. In addition, the motor has thermal overload protection.

The pump has 1.5-inch intake and discharge. The debris basket has a volume of 118 cubic inches. It comes with a clear lid cover made from PermaGlass XL. There is load extender ribbing as well. The pump has reinforced thermoplastic housing. The output of the device is 90 GPM (gallons per minute) at 10 feet of head and 32 GPM at 50 feet of head. Let’s now look into each feature of the model individually.


The Hayward Power Flo pump is quite compact and light. It is easy to fit into any pool system. Of course, it is best for you to have it installed by a professional just to be on the safe side.

The 60-cycle one-phase 115-volt electric motor of the device works excellently. It has perfect design and construction. I have to say that the self lubrication of the bearings and shaft seals is one of the best features of this motor and of the pump as a whole. It ensures the flawless operating of the device in the long term while reducing the motor maintenance to the possible minimum. The 20-amp circuit breakers of the motor work effectively as well. They ensure the optimal operation of the pump and help to extend its useful life.

The 1.5 horsepower which this motor produces is sufficient to ensure the effective operation of the pump. Hayward Power-Flo LX falls in the middle of the range in terms of power. It is neither too slow nor too forceful. It will do a great job, in my opinion.

The 6-foot cord which connects the motor to the electric grid of the property is certainly not the longest you can find, but its length is sufficient for most pool systems. If it is not, you need to look for an appropriate extension cord. One important thing I feel bound to share is the fact that this device does not have a switch button. In order to turn it on and off you will have to plug it and then unplug it from the electric grid.

The double-sized seal of Hayward pool pump is an important feature for protecting the motor. It is resistant to heat and this is really important in the hot summer days. It does not let even the tiniest amount of water in. You can be certain that the motor and consequently the pool pump will have a long useful life.

The thermal overload protection system works by shutting down the motor in the case of abnormal heat conditions. The motor will begin working automatically once the temperature returns to a safe level.

The 1.5-inch intake and discharge of the pool water pump guarantees the optimal flow of water at all times. Debris are removed from the water and collected into the special basket, which is quite big, given the size of the motor. It is easy to monitor the level of debris through the clear lid. Thanks to its size, the basket has to be cleaned less frequently.

The reinforced thermoplastic housing of the pool pump makes it protected from heat, accidental hits and water. It ensures the device’s long useful life.


The Hayward Power Flo works at 90 gallons per minute at 10 feet of head and at 32 gallons per minute at 50 feet of head. These are quite good performance figures. This small pump is capable of filtering large volumes of water within a fairly short period of time.


This pool pump is designed to be used for above ground and on ground swimming pools only. It can filter the water of medium-sized to large pools. Since each pool is different, you should use precise numbers to calculate whether this model will fit into your particular system given its capabilities.


The benefits of Hayward Pool Pump:


The drawbacks of this pool pump are:

  • No on/off switch – It is annoying to plug and unplug the pump every time when you use it. Still. This is not a major issue if all appropriate safety measures are in place.
  • It has to be protected from cold weather – You have to winterize the pump so that it does not freeze and get damaged. This involves little extra work, but it is an extra task which you must take care of.


This review concludes that the Hayward Power Flo LX Series Pool Pump is a superb product. It works excellently and has minor flaws only. It has a long useful life while requiring just basic maintenance. It is a great choice.

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