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Oct 10

Pool Pump Reviews: Zodiac Polaris PB4-60 Booster Pump

Zodiac Polaris PB4-60 Booster Pump

No swimming pool can be safe without the use of a pool pump and a booster pump. The investment in such a device is not small so it is crucial that you make a choice wisely. I know how difficult this can be from experience so I decided to help buyers like me make the …

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May 16

Pool Pump Reviews: Hayward Power-Flo LX Series Pool Pump with Cord

Hayward Power-Flo LX series Pool Pump with cord

No matter how big or small your pool is it will require a pump for effective water filtering and for heating, if required. This device will guarantee the safety and fun of all users of the pool. As a buyer, you can choose from a huge array of pool pumps in the market so things …

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Jan 10

Pool Pump Reviews: Hayward SP1592 Power-Flo Matrix 1HP Above Ground Pool Pump

Hayward SP1592 Power-Flo Matrix 1HP Above Ground Pool Pump

A swimming pool is much more than a container filled with water. It requires a plumbing system for maintaining the water in perfect condition plus regular cleaning. A pool pump is an essential component of the plumbing system. But how do you choose one for your pool? The decision is never easy so I decided …

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Sep 26

Pool Pump Reviews: Pentair WhisperFlo High Energy Efficient 1 HP Pool Pump

Pentair WhisperFlo Pump

No swimming pool can be enjoyed fully if it the water and the walls and floor are not clean. You can keep them in excellent condition with the use of the right pool pump. At the same time, the comparison of various models can be a daunting task especially if you have basic technical knowledge …

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Aug 31

Pool Pump Reviews: Hayward Super II Pool Pump

Hayward Super II Pool Pump

Are you prepared to buy a pool pump? The reality is that most buyers are not even if they are currently using such a device. It is hard to keep up with all the technical terms and to compare many different products. I know what it feels like to be lost. That is why I …

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Jul 17

Pool Pump Reviews: 1200 GPH Sand Filter Pump W/GFCI 110-120 Volt

Intex Sand Filter Pump

The summer is not as fun without a swimming pool around. The pool, on the other hand, requires a filtering system with a pump. I understand how difficult it is to pick a pool pump among the numerous products available in the market. This is what inspired me to review the best selling pool pumps …

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May 19

Pool Pump Reviews: Intex 54611EG Krystal Clear Saltwater System and Filter Pump

Intex 54611EG Krystal Clear Saltwater System and Filter Pump

It is really sad to look at a gorgeous pool filled with murky greenish-brown water which is not suitable for swimming and playing. This problem can be solved quickly with the use of a pool pump. The next logical question is how to pick one which is effective, reliable and easy to use. I decided …

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Apr 12

Pool Pump Reviews: Hayward SP3400VSP EcoStar VS Variable-Speed Pool Pump

Hayward SP3400VSP Variable Speed Pool Pump

All pool pump buyers have more or less the same requirements. They want to pump to work well, to be quiet, to last for years and to be affordable and easy to run and to maintain. Even though there are so many products in the market, it is hard to find the ideal one. I …

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Mar 19

Pool Pump Reviews: Pentair WhisperFlo Standard Motor Up-Rated Pump

Pentair WhisperFlo Pump

Dirty pool water is not only bad looking and unpleasant to swim in. It can also cause various infections. With the right pool pump, you are guaranteed to have properly filtered and perfectly clean water at all times. Choosing the ideal device is not a simple task. I know how difficult this situation can be. …

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Feb 18

Hayward C4001575XES Easy-Clear 1-Horsepower Pump Pool Filter System

Hayward C4001575XES Pool Pump

Pool water cannot stay clean if it is not constantly filtered. Given this, you need to find the best filter pump for your pool. I know how challenging it is to search for such a device as I own and manage several hotels with small pools. I am now a seasoned buyer and user so …

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