Feb 14

The Benefits of Using A Computerized Pool Pump

Being a commercial pool owner myself, I know how important it is to have an effectively working pool pump. For me, an optimally performing device means happy guests of my hotels and more revenue and profit. The question is how to choose the ideal piece of equipment. One of the options to consider is a computerized pool pump, aka intelligent pool pump.

Some owners are happy with their traditional pumps which usually have a single running speed and a fixed flow rate. However, there are also those who experience various kinds of problems from high energy costs to poor operations and damage resulting in leaks, loud noises and inefficient pumping.

All of these issues can be avoided with the use of a computerized pool pump. In general, it works in the same way as a regular device with the major difference being that it is controlled by a computer and, in turn, by the pool owner/manager via a remote controller. Find out more about the benefits and features of the innovative devices.

Computerized Pool Pump aka Intelligent Pool Pump

Intelligent Running and Controls

A computerized pool pump usually runs at two or more speeds. You can select the optimal speed depending on the action that the pump will perform. When the device is running at a higher speed it uses more energy and when the speed is lower the energy used is less. This allows for saving energy while the equipment works optimally.

You can select the optimal speed for a variety of functions that the pump performs. The main functions include filtering, which is performed most often, cleaning, which is necessary on a regular basis, and heating, which is necessary when you want to run the pool in cold weather. Many of the devices have other functions such as water features.

In general, you can select from numerous functions and adjust the speed of the pump accordingly using the remote controller. Some models allow for adjusting a minimum and maximum speed for each function so that the device can always work within the set limits. You can save the settings. Some pumps give you the option to lock the settings and protect them with a password to prevent kids and curious adults from messing with the way in which the pump works.

The computer of a computerized pool pump is equipped with cleverly designed software which adjusts the flow rate in line with the set speed and function. That way, the motor uses the optimal amount of energy every time without exception.

Energy Efficiency

The main features responsible for the energy efficiency of the computerized devices are the variable speed and the automatic flow rate adjustment. Some pumps have additional features allowing for greater energy efficiency such as permanent magnet motors. These are traditionally used in hybrid vehicles to lower the consumption of fuel further.

The big question is how much energy can you save with an intelligent pool pump? Depending on the speed variability, the accuracy of the software, the power and versatility of the device, you will be able to save between 20 and 90 per cent of the previously used energy for running a traditional pump. This can result in lowering the cost of running such a device by 40 per cent. You may be able to save well over $1,000 a year.

Quiet Operation

This is a major benefit of intelligent pool pumps and one that all people who use swimming pools appreciate greatly. The speed variability is one of the factors that contributes to the quiet operation, but it is mainly due to a sophisticatedly design internal flow system in most cases. How quiet will the pump actually be? There are models which are quieter than a human whisper.

Pool Pump Protection

The computer and different systems integrated into the pump allow for its protection from different kinds of threats and, consequently, for its long term operation. Typically, the piece of equipment comes with integrated diagnostics which prevent failure caused by freezing, overheating and irregular voltage. The computer recognizes the threats and shuts the pump off to prevent damage. Priming protection is available with some models.

There are integrated systems which can detect drain blockage automatically and shut the pump off. A blockage can cause a lot of issues from lower flow rate and motor noise to complete failure of the motor. The damaged caused can require replacement of the motor and possibly other parts of the device. You can save yourself all the trouble and money.

In general, the protection that a computerized pump comes with will give it a longer life and provide for optimal operation in the long term.

Available Rebates

Some states offer stimulus for pool owners to purchase intelligent pool pumps in the form of rebates. These are not very large. However, a sum of around $200 will certainly be helpful for financing the purchase of the equipment.

The future belongs to the computerized pool pump. If you invest in one now, your investment will pay off quickly and you will enjoy a perfect pool all the time.

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