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Hello and thank you for visiting this website.

I hope that here you will find or you have already found useful information about swimming pool pumps and their purchase, use, cleaning and maintenance. I am an entrepreneur in the tourism and hospitality industry. I am a proud owner of a number of hotels in Equatorial Africa. I work hard to provide the best amenities and services to my guests.

I am Dean Barnett and I have been in the hospitality business for quite some time now and I have learned how important it is to have an excellent swimming pool as part of the hotel facilities. Guests love relaxing by the pool and enjoy bathing, swimming and water games. They see the facility as an added benefit so they are happier with the service and usually come back. I would not have been able to achieve success in business without the right facilities and equipment.

I manage my hotels so I take care of every aspect from giving guests the rooms they want to purchasing equipment. That way, I became something of an expert in pool pumps. Some of the ones we have had in the past failed after a year or two. We have had various kinds of problems such as leakages, air in the pump, worn out parts and impeller damage, to name some of the main ones. As I wanted to operate the pools efficiently at a reasonable cost, I decided to learn as much as possible about pumps and to devise my own system for evaluating them when I go shopping.

On this website, I have posted reviews on some of the most popular pool pumps available on the market at present. I evaluated them in order to choose the ones which might be useful for my business. I always do this in writing. I keep notes so that the comparison between the different models is more efficient and easier. I organized the information for each product and turned it into a review.

I share a lot of my knowledge in these reviews and provide advice as well. I have no reasons to be subjective when I write the reviews so you will find my honest opinion in them. I have also posted a number of articles which will certainly be of use to you when you go shopping for a pool pump.

I have reviewed a number of models and so far my top pick is the Pentair 011012 Pool Pump. The device is computerized which allows for intelligent operation and high energy efficiency. It has systems for automatic protection from the main kinds of threats to pumps. It operates effectively, cost efficiently and quietly. The fact that Pentair 011012 is the best choice for me does not mean that all other devices I have reviewed are inferior. There is a right match for everyone.

I have reviewed all models absolutely objectively. My only intention is to help swimming pool owners like me. I have the knowledge and the resources to review pool pumps. Why not do it and help business owners improve their operations and home owners enjoy their pool more while keeping costs down? You can use my free assistance to make the best choice too.

Dean Barnett

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